Nature is Full Of Nudity

Its almost like beauty and the beast. Angela and a horse. Both nude and natural. This is a physical figure study of two species, working as one. The powerful horse and the fit physique of Angela

We humans are the only creatures on earth that cloth themselves. As children we feel no shame of our nudity. In fact we could live our entire lives and never feel shame, unless we are taught. We have to be taught the ideas of shame. It is not a natural thing, when applied to nudity. Look at all the tribal people on earth. Every one of them lived nude and without shame until religious missionaries taught them shame.

What can be taught, can also be untaught. The horse with Angela not only does not feel ashamed of it’s nudity, it has on concept of shame. Angela in this environment, with people who are comfortable with her nudity (myself and the horse owner/trainer), rides the horse nude and felt no shame. Just like the horse.

On a slightly different note, I was amazed at the muscles tones of the horse and the sheen of it’s hide. Then I saw Angela nude on the horse and I couldn't help but see the similarity, in that she too had amazing muscle tone, as she rode, and she too had a fantastic sheen on her skin in the bright warm sun. Nature is just amazing and can hold such beauty. If we would stop shunning such beauty, more people would be moved by such a wonderful sight.

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