Nude Culture

There are many cultures around the world. With every nation, every county or state, every village, there is a unique culture. Winter-Moon is one of the many of the millions of people around the globe that practice nude culture.

Whether you call it nudism, or natuirism, or just someone who likes to be nude at home but doesn’t do so socially, we are all practicing nude culture. It is the oldest culture in the world. Yet it is treated as a criminal activity in most of the developed world. Doesn’t that sound like misjustice?

Nude culture should be treated with the same respect as any other culture in the world. Religions, special days and events are all treated with reverence and even given a public holiday status. Yet if you want to celebrate nude culture in public, you would be arrested and treated like a criminal. It must change. People must become more open about their culture and be proud to be a nudist/naturist. The more people that “come out” the more it will become normalised.

Winter-moon is very open about her lifestyle and is a great ambassador for nudism in general. Join her today and declare your support of nude culture. Please share this page if you feel as strongly about this as we do.

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