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Australia Day

Tibbi celebrates Australia Day in her backyard in a wading pool nude under a hills hoist clothes line.

There is nothing more iconically Australian than that. This Australia Day millions of Australian’s will celebrate the day on beaches, parks, pools and their backyards. Enjoying the summer sun. Some will celebrate totally nude.

Australia Day has different meanings for many people. For most it is a day that celebrates the wide variety of cultures that have come together to form this nation. Each and every person has added their own flavour.

Summer is a big part of Australian life, because of the climate we live in. So we embrace the outdoors. Many like Tibbi will enjoy the day totally nude. Most will have BBQ’s in their backyards with a cold beer.

Just think. It is summer, you are in your own backyard. You have the day off to celebrate a wonderful day. Why would you wear clothes? We wouldn’t and neither does Tibbi. A nude Australia Day it is!

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