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A Silver Lining

Like the silver glow of the moon, bathing the world with it’s radiant glow, Skye has a beauty that shines through all conditions.

A silver fan and Skye’s radiant beauty helps makes this a unique series of artistic nudes. Beauty is a very subjective thing. Every culture throughout history has had differing ideals of what beauty is. Everything from China’s footbinding history through to big booty shaking.

It is extremely unlikely that you will get everyone to agree on what is beautiful. There are however aspects of beauty that is universal. We all know it when we see it, but to date it has defied measurement and quantitative analysis. Some scientists have tried. Some have cited the golden ratio used by renaissance painters to measure beauty. There has even been a unit of beauty (made for satirical purposes and not an actual unit of measurement) called the Helen. Which was named after Helen of Troy whose beauty was said to have launched a thousand ships.

Skye has a radiant beauty, a classical beauty that spans generations and cultures. Why is that? She doesn’t fit the notion of beauty espoused by fashion magazines. She isn’t a catwalk model. She isn’t a “bikini” model. Yet the majority of people see her and find her to be stunning. Maybe beauty is a package rather than a unit of measurement. Maybe it is something that can never be measured or documented.

What we can be sure about, is that we know beauty when we see it. Simply put, Skye with this silver fan is a true beauty and a living work of art.

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