Is Appreciating the Nude A Crime?

Apparently the “male gaze” is a problem these days according to our multicolour haired experts at universities. We shouldn’t be looking at the figure of women like Sasskia because doing so is misogynistic. Meaning we look at lovely nude women because we hate them, or wish harm upon them. Yes you read that correctly, you the viewer must hate women to be looking at them.

Simply appreciating the artistic merits of a nude human being is now some type of hate crime. Well done universities, well done (slow clap). Well done for creating a generation of idiots and morons. Who sadly will one day be in charge if they aren’t already.

I maybe from a dinosaur era but at least we understood the difference between appreciating a woman’s beauty and behaving respectfully to them versus being a total dick. What has happened to the world? How did it degenerate into such stupidity so fast? Have people lost the ability to think?

Sasskia is a beautiful woman, and we hopefully captured that beauty in a way that pay respect to her as a person and her as a physical being. I always thought that is a simple concept to understand, but apparently these days it's not.

What are your thoughts? Please let us know in the comments.

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