Feel Naked When Naked?

The word naked implies being left vulnerable and exposed. Yet Sage never feels “naked”, when she is naked. She feels natural, normal, confident. As do many who live a nude lifestyle.

A question for nudists and non-nudists. Do you feel naked when naked? I am willing to bet that nearly every nudist will say they don’t. That they feel quite comfortable that way. It will be mostly the non-nudist who will answer yes. Why would that be?

It's all about being used to one's nakedness. Some people aren’t comfortable seeing another human who is naked. That is how bad it is for some people. It's not the nudity that is an issue, it is the lack of being used to seeing nudity that is an issue. If people saw more nude people out and about doing everyday things, the perception toward nudism would change vastly. Instead nudism is hidden behind closed walls and seen as something that crazy old people do.

Hopefully young people like Sage will change how nudity and nudism is seen. Hopefully as more people go nude or even topless, people will bit by bit see it as natural and the normal activity it actually is. Sage is naked, but not actually naked. She certainly doesn’t feel naked.

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