Oh The Joy

The shear joy of being nude in the fresh air and sunshine. All those that have done it know what those words mean. All those that have never tried it, will have no idea of what those words really mean. Poppy found out what those words meant when we did this photo shoot. Her reaction was one of pure happiness.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with nudity. It is how we are born. It is a part of us every single day, despite, being forced (yes i use that word deliberately), to wear clothes in nearly every single situation outside of your home.

It is understandable when a law is made and enforced to protect people from actual harm or personal loss like assault or theft. Nudity however simply doesn’t fit. Yes some people may become embarrassed at seeing another nude person. However it causes no harm. Some people are embarrassed by another singing badly, or be offended by their body odour. Yet none of those things are against the law. It is odd that nudity is the only one that is.

The law against nudity was created at a time when society was more based in theocracy and different values. Times have changed. Even many people who follow certain religions aren’t fussed by nudity. Many of them are nudists themselves. I know of several nudist christian groups. It is time the law caught up with these times and abandons what is now effectively has become just a fashion regulation. Not something that should be a law. Not something that should be enforced.

There needs to be some community discussion regarding nudity and an open debate or public form where this can be discussed and all points be brought forward. It is time nudity is brought into the open and people take a stand for their right to just simply live life without clothing.

If you look at the happiness on Poppy's face, hear the laughter, see her body language as she spontaneously begins to dance. That is what pure joy nudism can bring to a person's life. That can only be a good thing. It is something that should be encouraged.

All still photos taken by Scarlett-Morgan

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