Feeling Comfortable

Being comfortable in your own body is a beautiful thing. Nothing promotes that comfort more than nudism. The practice of going nude at home or even outdoors. You can see just how comfortable Poppy is, that she is willing to pose nude in front of the world and create such wonderful artistic images.

People who go nude and practice nudism, actually forget about their own and others nudity. The nude form becomes no different than the clothed one, in the sense that they see the person as the same person, regardless of clothing or lack of clothing. They see them for the same individual. In a way nudity is the clothing we are born with. It is the form we take and is the one true honest from we have. Trying to hide that is dishonest.

Its this honesty that helps people feel comfortable with their own nudity, as they see others for what and who they really are. This lack of censorship helps people as they grow up to see our very own transformation through our lifetime. To see how the body changes through the vary stages of our life, and see that it is all normal.

This is Poppy who she looks in her most natural state. This is how she is at this stage of her life. This is how she looks for her body type. It is normal. It is honest and it is beautiful. No wonder why she is comfortable in her naked state. Despite being nude, she never feels naked.

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