Is it wrong to be beautiful?

Red beauty with Pixie is about how society looks at beautiful women. It has become almost taboo to be beautiful. It is especially taboo to support a woman who has stripped off and shown everything to the world. Beautiful women are being called vapid, shallow narcissistic. Many beautiful women feel they have to make themselves look less attractive or they won't be taken seriously. Everyone has an opinion on the topic. Everybody is right, except that they are all wrong.

All throughout history women used their beauty to get ahead in life. Mainly because it was a male dominated society and attractive women caught the eye of powerful and important men. However we no longer live in a society that is like that. True there are still places and situations where that is true, but on the whole it is a lot different.

Many women still don’t have equal pay for equal work. They can’t dress or undress (think topless equality) as men in many places around the world. Western society is still the most advanced as far as women’s rights are concerned, but they still have a long way to go.

The issue with beauty however is not men, but other women. Sadly it is quite often women, that complain or ridicule how other women look. Women's gossip magazines are based on this. They help encourage it as much as they say they don’t. They feed on people’s insecurities and help focus it to achieve sales. One magazine might say “Easy ways to cut 400 calories”, while another says “love your curves”. So which is it? Losing weight or eating what you want? No wonder why women are confused. No wonder they resent women that have managed to look good and look confident doing so. But that doesn't make that resentment right.

Then there is the fact that men who admire women, are now made to feel ashamed at looking at women, especially when they are nude. There is a difference between ogling, staring, and behaving like a pig, to simply admiring, respectful and genuine appreciation of beauty. Sometimes it a subtle difference, other times it is far more obvious. Generally it is just old fashioned courtesy.

Both sexes can be at fault, and both sexes can be great supporters. The moral or the main point being made, is that no matter who you are. No matter your sex, sexual preference, or standing in society, just being a good human being is what it takes to make a difference. If you are a woman and you see another woman who is stunning. Instead of making a judgement on their looks, think about the fact that you know nothing about them. Just because they are attractive doesn’t mean they are sluts, or stupid, or a terrible person. All you know is that they are beautiful. Do you resent that? If you do then it is your own character flaw. It is not the fault of the beautiful woman that she is beautiful. It is the fault of your reaction to her looks. She might be as dumb as she looks, or she might be a brilliant mathematician. You can’t judge based on her looks. Even if she is dumb, it is still not right to blame her on that. You still need to be a decent human being.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. We can’t all be beautiful, just as we can’t all be great athletes, or great scholars, or musicians, or the best damn filing clerk in the world. But we all have something that makes us better than someone else. You might be the best parent, the best gardener, mechanic, fastest reader or any number of things. Be content with your own achievements, or strive to see what you are good at instead of putting someone else down.

Just remember this…..If you come up with a reason why you can't do something, it means you didn't want it bad enough!....Pixie is a beautiful woman. She exercises, eats right and looks after herself. Maybe she was lucky that she was born to be beautiful, maybe she worked with what she had and made the best of it. Either way, just appreciate her beauty, and her stunning nude form. She is proud of her looks, but not prideful. Please appreciates her beauty, because that is why she posed nude. Just as so many others over the centuries have done before her.

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