The Perfect Day?

It is so quiet, That the only sounds you hear are the birds, some grasshoppers and bees buzzing around and the wind whooshing through the grass. This the setting for Penni's nude ride through the country.

The day is perfect with bright sunshine and a slight cool breeze. It is peaceful and apart from one couple, no one else about. The ideal setting for some rural nudity.

It is funny how we are the only animals alive that have issue with our most natural state. The pelicans didn’t fly away the moment they saw Penni nude. Grasshoppers didn’t chirp in indignation at her breasts or become offended and embarrassed. In fact they don’t behave that way toward their own kind either.

Animals in a way are superior to us in this way. They truly have view that doesn’t discriminate based on looks and dress. They judge by actions. If we did the same, then we would call out those that say they are “offended” by Penni's nudity. In the words of Steve Hughes (comedian). “I was offended, I have rights… what be offended. Nothing happens. You’re an adult, grow up deal with it”

That way people like Penni can go about their lives and enjoy places like this totally nude. Now isn’t that a radical thought?

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