Natural Wonder. Natural Art.

For all the purists out there that enjoy going totally nude in a totally natural environment, then you will understand the delight Penni felt when going nude in this setting.

Clothing should be optional and people should be able to wear as much or as little as they want. We discussed that last week here. There are times when going totally nude, without anything at all, just feels right and marvelous.

The nude body completely unhindered. The sun, and wind touching every part of your body. It is a feeling that range from sensual for the first time nudist through to the most natural feeling in the world, for someone who has been nude a long time.

As anyone that has spent long periods of time without clothing can tell you, after a while, you just don’t want to put anything back on again. It is with great regret and genuine sadness that we do. The feeling of textile, no matter how soft, still feels awkward and strange. Nudists can all understand and sympathise with the poor natives that were forced to wear clothes by early missionaries.

Penni loves going nude. She will go nude any chance she gets these days. Just being natural is one of the best feelings. A feeling we hope you will all enjoy at least once in your lifetime. A feeling that can only be truly, deeply felt in a natural setting like this.

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