Is Nudity Fashionable?

Most of us now understand that nudity can be artistic, but most still don't know that it can be fashionable. Mia shows here that she can be both. So what would make nudity fashionable?

Make it a trend. As soon as something is trendy, people will follow suit. That would mean celebrities, sports people and musicians go nude. Not just for charity, but as a fashion trend. As a lifestyle.

Big business, is quite often the most against nudity, except when it suits them. Look at adverts, music videos and the like. If it suits them they will throw in nudity. If they feel nudity will cause them financial loss, they will drop it. If they think it will bring profit, they will support it. The more people take up nudism the more big business will see that it can be a profit making venture.

The most important step in making nudity fashionable is your support. The more people take up nudism, even as a recreation, even if it is just in your own home, the greater the voice nudism will have. To understand why nudity is so liberating, you have to experience it yourself. Go on take the first step. Take off all your clothes right now, and just feel what it is to be totally nude. Spend the rest of the day nude if you can. Mia certainly has taken the first step. She has shown the world that her nude body is nothing to be ashamed of. That nudity is fashionable.

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