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These Turquoise shoes look amazing and beautiful right now. They are very fashionable. Every model that has seen these shoes loved the way they look. However I guarantee that in a few years time Maddy's nude body will be the only thing fashionable in these photos.

You see nudity is the only thing timeless we have. Well that may not be totally true. Within a few million years, we might evolve further and look slightly different from what we look today. In which case, if these photos last for a few million years, our future selves might not see our nudity as we see it

In that time we may not even have bodies, or if we do I hope we would have grown as a civilization, and have a more mature and healthy outlook on the nude body. That maybe by then nudity will be a more common place event then today. Maybe people may look at maddy and wonder who she was, what life she lived. All anyone can be certain of right now is Maddy looks amazing, with or without her Turquoise shoes

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