Are We Crazy?

When the Drifters sang “under the boardwalk”, they understood that it is a great place to relax by the sea. Lulu however is there on a stormy day. Which didn't stopped her from having fun and enjoying the fresh, crisp air as the sea washes around her legs.

The lines of the boardwalk, the rich greens and blues of the ocean, the white of the sea foam, the grey of the stormy skies and of course Lulu’s beautiful nude body all add to this excellent series of art nudes. It was this mixture that catches the eye and makes the viewer wonder what it was like that day.

Those that saw what we were doing probably thought we were crazy, but I guess all artists and performers have to be a little crazy to do what we do.

It was cold. Some people on the beach wore multiple layers of clothing and huddled under blankets. I wore just shorts and t-shirt in sympathy to the model who is totally nude. If they are to endure the cold, that is the very least I can do.

Not sure if it was the adrenaline of the photoshoot, or the constant motion while taking photos, but I didn’t feel particularly cold. Lulu said the same thing. She really enjoyed the process and found it fun. You can see in the video that she didn’t mind one bit. Not one complaint. A sign of a model serious about getting good shots.

This series shows that no matter the weather, it is always possible to have fun and even go nude. When working with a model that is serious about getting great images, the process is not a chore, the weather is fine and the results are beautiful. Lulu is just amazing and an absolute delight to work with. We hope to work with her again in the near future.

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