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Calm beautiful scenery. The sounds of birds singing and insects buzzing. The tide is coming in and the sound of water lapping gently at the edge of a sandbank. Lilly lays at the water's edge and takes a refreshing dip fully nude.

What the mainstream media don’t understand is nudity like this is not only okay, but it is more than okay. It is normal. They are so used to hiding bodies, hiding people, hiding certain thoughts that don’t fit their narrative, that when confronted with someone like Lilly going about their life, they try to distort the truth and label nudists as some type of vile creature out to harm good upstanding clothed people, by waving their nudity in their faces.

The negative reaction to nudity often is fostered by clothed society constantly reinforcing their bias in mainstream media, echo chambers like within closed group of friends on social media. Instead of just looking at people like Lilly and seeing what she actually is doing.

Nudists don’t put themselves on display for people. They are just going about their lives. These photos of Lilly are on display, but for illustrative purposes to show what nudism is like. It's just people doing what any clothed person would do, just without the clothes. Nudists are not “sex pests”, they are generally not exhibitionists (many are quite shy), and they certainly aren’t vile criminals that have to be fined and punished by the law, because of their dress choice.

Wearing of certain religious garments are protected by law, in that you can’t discriminate against those people who wear them. But a nudist whose beliefs are that not wearing any garments at all is just as important. There are 13 religious sects in India that as part of their beliefs, they go fully nude at all times. They never wear clothes at any time. Although India is very conservative contry these days, the people still pay respects and allow them to go nude anyware they go. Would places like Australia, let them roam peacefully across the land should they travel here? What if all nudist became a member of these sects. Would they be able to practice their religion openly without punishment as other religions do?

Here is Lilly fully nude and just enjoying the hot humid weather, in the most sensible way. The waters edge is the perfect spot between sun and the cooling effect of the water. There is no better way to do that than nude.

Note: It was oppressively hot that day. I mean it was crazy hot and humid. Sweat was literally just flowing as we walked to this location. The water was just amazing. In a situation like this, being nude really was the only way to feel comfortable. It is a shame that there are still people out their that are so uncomfortable in their own skin that they dare not take off their clothes in such a situation. They are so uncomfortable that they have trouble even looking at a nude human being. In that frustration, they get angry and blame the nudist for their own discomfort, rather than looking at themselves and asking “why am I uncomfortable with this when others are not?”

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