What's More Natural?

Than going nude? Kylie-Phoenix is enjoying the summer heat, but it can get a bit too hot sometimes. So finding a nice shady spot to relax nude is the perfect answer.

Kylie-Phoenix is relaxing by this river in full view of everyone on and around the water without incident. One person even waved hello.

It then leads to the next line of thinking. If public nudity was ever going to be made legal in any meaningful way, then at any venue where you can swim is the most logical place to do it. It makes no sense to wear wet fabric to go swimming. Swimwear clings to the skin and feels clammy and uncomfortable. It can lead to chafing and other issues. Swimming nude avoids all those issue. In the past, if people wanted to go swimming, they did it nude. It was/is normal.

So next time you go swimming in summer or just relaxing by a beach, river, or lake, then maybe think of Kylie-Phoenix and do it nude.

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