Clothing Is Optional Here.

For those lucky enough to live by the beach or very close to it, the smell of the fresh clean ocean air, the tangy taste of salt spray, the cool breeze that caresses your entire nude body is a wonderful place to visit. That is the beach life that Kora and those that live close to the beach enjoy nude.

Kora is extra lucky because she lives near a legally clothing optional beach. In reality all beaches should be clothing optional. No one is forced to go nude, but on non clothing optional beaches, people ARE forced to wear clothes. There is no fairness in that.

That is what makes clothes optional beaches so good. Everyone has a choice. Everyone can wear as much or a little as they want. Someone could be totally nude, while another person could wear a burkini for example. As long as they both respect the others decision to be that way.

The question that must be asked. Which of those two groups would be the most tolerant of the other? Kora certainly doesn’t mind if others are nude or fully clothed, as long as everyone is respectful of the other. Beach life can be for everyone visiting the oceans shore. It is a great place to be nude and swim the way nature intended. Make all beaches clothing optional. Its also a great way to find out who is truly tolerant of others ideas.

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