Is Nudity a Job Or Something Shameful?

With all the political correctness going on, there is one very important discussion point that everyone is missing. Nudity! By forcing people like Kimberley to cover up that is saying that the way you are born is too horrible to see. If that isn’t the most anti-politically correct thing to say I don’t know what is.

I am terribly offended by the sheer sight of you is what in effect is being stated when people are forced to wear clothes or cover up in some way. Aren’t we all supposed to be beautiful in the eyes of the politically correct crowd? So why are women like Kimberley told that they are sluts, when these same people go on marches protesting slut shaming?

These same people that shut down the page 3 girl in newspapers (regardless of weather you are a fan of those newspapers or not), the models in question where happy to pose, where happy to be in a newspaper, but another group of women decided for them what they should or shouldn’t be doing.

The same thing happened with formula 1 grid girls. A bunch of politically correct types complained that these models were being exploited, when in fact those models where doing a job. A job they did willingly, a job they enjoyed, a job that paid their bills and in many cases was helping them get through university. So in effect these "politically correct" types decided what job is and isn’t suitable for women.

Many of our models go to university. They have stated that for a couple of hours modeling they get paid more than a weeks work in many fast food stores or working in warehouses or office duties. Hours they use for more study, rather than working a full time job AND studying full time. What these politically correct types are doing isn’t “liberating” these women, they are just making their lives more difficult and potentially making them drop out from not having enough funds/time to study.

Nudity, especially nudity of attracting young women is seen as disgusting and under the thumb of the patriarchy, when in fact it is empowering these young women to do what they want, get a better education and have greater freedom. Many models even after they graduate, either still model, or just live a nude lifestyle by sunbathing nude, or being nude at home. It should be the choice of the individual to choose what is right for them, not be chosen by committee that hates you because you are young and pretty.

So enjoy and appreciate the beautiful humanity, the beautiful forms and lovely body of Kimberley while you can. Because we can’t predict what new stupidity these people will come up with next. It is Kimberley's choice to pose nude, she loves modeling, she loves the lifestyle and freedom that brings. That should be seen as a win/win in everyone's books.

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