Hot Jungle Living

Welcome to paradise. Warm tropical weather, lush green vegetation and the all over tanned beauty of Kali with her stunning exotic looks. Can it get any better than this?

We all dreamed of one day retiring to a tropical island and spend the rest of our days nude by a beach and just living life. Some people have achieved that after a lifetime of work. Other people like Kali decided to take a different approach. They decided to forego the need to gather items and things, and just live natural off the land. Off the grid.

Off the grid living is no longer just a lifestyle for hippies, as more families and professionals see there is more to life than just expensive watches and flashy cars. Things you never really own. You just look after them for a while. Then you die and your lifetime of accumulation goes to someone else. It is and never was truly yours.

What is yours is your life and how you choose to spend it. The finite time you’re given and what you do with that is far more precious than the latest in, whatever is in fashion. Because you only ever get one go it it. Muck it up and you don’t get a second go.

Kali is living the life she feels suits her best. One where she can go nude any time and just enjoy the good company of close friends. To each their own some might say. But she lives nude in a tropical paradise.

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