Dress Any Way You Want To!

Do you have the right to dress anyway you want to? The answer is no. This is especially true when it comes to not dressing at all. Jami shows just how she wants to dress today and she should have the right to do so.

It is so ridiculous to think that a government can decide for you what you can or can’t wear. You are a well educated human being, or someone with a lot of life experience, or just simply someone who is outside on a very hot day. You know what you want to wear. However you are not allowed to wear it, because some bureaucrats sitting in their offices, have deemed it unacceptable. That is the case when it comes to nudists, and many other people. Why is clothes so important? Why should that influence anyone’s opinion of you?

You can be the greatest mind in physics, yet if you present your theory wearing a tin foil hat and holding balloons, people won’t take you seriously. Why is that? They know you are a brilliant mind, they know that you have credentials and theories that have proven to be true, yet they won't take you seriously just because of what you wore. Same applies to men who wear womens clothing. We could keep listing example after example and come to the same conclusion. Clothing influences people’s perception of you.

Lets now give the option of being nude. You are at a clothing optional event and everyone has decided to be nude. Now if someone introduces themselves as an expert in physics, do you think they are quacks? or do you listen to what they have to say (assuming you are interested in that topic), same situation can be applied to a brilliant chef, or economics expert, or an expert car mechanic and so on. Nudism does not judge, nor does it create preconceived opinion about you as a person in regards to expertise in a given field.

So why can’t anyone, like Jami, just go nude? The most usual reason given is “offence”. That some people can be offended. So lets see. You can be offended by loud music someone is playing, yet they are not arrested. You can be offended by someone's terrible body odor due to lack of hygiene, yet they don’t get arrested. You can be offended by someone's opinion about race or religion, yet they don’t get arrested, you can be offended by just about anything and no one gets arrested. Only the nude person has the rare privilege of being arrested. Only nudity seems to be so offensive, that they made a special law just for their state of dress. You can offend people anyway you like, just as long as it isn’t nudity. Why do they single out nudity, especially when you consider every human being on earth is not just born nude, but has already seen nude bodies before. In fact they see their own nude body on a daily basis. Sometimes more than once. Yet nudity is still singled out as the only one to be offensive enough to be illegal in most places. It does no matter that there are entire nudist communities ok with nudity. It does not matter that we are exposed to nudity in media on a daily basis. Just not nudity in public. Actually in most cases you can’t even be nude in your own home or your own property. There have been many cases where people have been arrested being nude at home doing their daily routine, like making breakfast nude, or gardening nude. Why? because someone on the street looked into their property, invaded the nude person's personal space and said it was offensive to them. All those activities are totally legal if you are clothed, so why is that exact same activity illegal, even in your own home, if you do it nude? This has to stop!

Anyone who can’t stand the site of another nude human being, has an illness called Gymnophobia. If you can’t stand the site of a nude person, don’t blame them for your disease, go seek help for your illness. Stop making laws that reinforce your illness. The only way to get better, is to seek help. Some possible symptoms are, if you see a nude person, you get embarrassed, you feel uncomfortable when you see breasts, penises and vaginas. Even saying the word penis and vagina are difficult to say, especially out loud to someone in public. If you have any or all of those symptoms, you need to seek help with your phobia, just as people seek help with phobias about spiders or heights.

Can anyone tell us why this is even a law? Why are ONLY nude people considered “offensive” but anything else goes? Jami likes to be nude, she also likes to wear fashion from time to time. She also likes to “dress up” her nudity, with heels or necklace. We think anyone like Jami can dress anyway they want to. It is just a choice in clothing, and in her case it is a rejection of clothing. We think it is a valid choice, that actually doesn’t “offend” anyone. Infact, being offended is a choice some one makes. They can also choose not to be offended. Jami, dress anyway you like. Its your body, its your choice.

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