Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

Since when has the body truly been celebrated by the media? Just the body. Not the clothes, jewellery, shoes are anything else. Just the nude body on it's own? Today with Harper's help we will do just that. We want to show just how wonderful and beautiful the nude body is all on its own. Nothing but the nude body.

So here is Harper. Totally nude. Completely nude, utterly nude, ALL of her. Every single bit of her. She does not need to hide anything, or add anything to her body. Just the very vessel she was born with, is all she needs. It is perfect just the way it is. Yet we are constantly told over and over by every form of media, that we have to add to this. That we need to cover it up with something. True not everyone looks like Harper, but do we want every single person to look like Harper? That would also be boring. That is why humanity comes in so many shapes and sizes. To keep things interesting. It also means that there is something for everyone.

Harper is very comfortable with her nudity. So much so that she is not hiding anything. Imagine a world where we all felt that comfortable. Maybe nudity would help that. When we all can see that we all have the same bits and pieces as everyone else, then maybe people will start to feel at ease in their own bodies. I am guessing that the hierarchy would not want the world to see that they too have breasts, vaginas or penises. As with the topless photos of Kate Middleton, the future queen, were very quickly taken down, and to the best of my knowledge, the first time photographers where charged with a crime for taking photos of a celebrity. That certainly shows what the mind set is of those in charge, doesn't it?

In the mean time people like Harper will shine a bright light of hope for all. That it is possible to be comfortable with being nude, and showing the world not just how comfortable total nudity actually is but also how beautiful.

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