Relativity of Nudity

Usually burlesque performance or similar is done at night in a theatre. Harper loved the idea of doing an outdoor version with these pink feather fans

We chose this location because of the long straight lines of both the road and the trees. It draws the eyes either to the horizon or back to Harpers beautiful nude form. Which leads to the next thought. Is Harper actually nude when she has the fans? Isn’t she as nude as anyone wearing jeans and t-shirt? After all clothes are just a thin layer of fabric between you and the world. Hre Harper has a layer of feathers between her and the world. Isn’t that the same thing?

Just a thought experiment to show how vague clothing can be and how it is very much relative and not an absolute. We could be covered in a layer of paint for example. Anyway, we just love Harper and her bright bubbly fun attitude to life, not to mention her exquisite nude beauty. Thank you Harper for helping us create these wonderful art nude images.

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