BPA Bottles Give Man Boobs

Although the censorship done earlier today was an April Fools joke, the message however is a very real, very serious one. Freedom of speach and the freedom to be on the internet uncensored is a very important right we all have and should fight to keep. As soon as they censor one thing, it creates the thin edge of a very large wedge that will then censor even more important rights and freedoms. The right to an opposing political view being one, but there are so many more . When (notice I didn't say if) they try to re-introduce any internet censorship/filtering (it will be in a shiny new package with a clever name), for all our sakes oppose it. Or this little exersize, could be become very real.

Harper poses with some bottles that contain BPA for this special health report. A new report shows that "man boobs" could be caused by BPA, short for bisphenol-A. In the Reproductive Toxicology journal it says that this could lead to enlarge mammary tissue in adults and boys.

Researchers exposed mice to low doses of BPA and discovered that their breast tissue became enlarged. The chemical behaves like a synthetic estrogen. This research shows that BPA can cause "man boobs" especially when males are exposed to the chemical in early stages of their life. BPA is found in many products including baby bottles, plastic containers, and water bottles to name just a few.

Some side effects of BPA can include breast and prostate cancers, heart and kidney damage, behavioral problems and obesity. To put it simply, if you want to avoid man boobs, avoid BPA, especially for young boys and men. Harper shows that naturally developed breasts look much nicer on women than BPA induced ones on men.

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