What Could Have Been

The old world charm of this victorian era house and the timeless beauty of Gwendalynne is a perfect match for this art nude series.

When we think of the past, we think of the very conservative victorian era. However that is very much an anglo centric view of the time. Was nudity more common in other parts of the world at that time?

The answer is a resounding yes. While England was trying to cover up and be seen as “respectable”, the rest of europe swam totally nude when they visited their favourite swimming area. Whether it be a lake, stream, pond or beach. When they swam they did it nude.

Much of asia not only swam totally nude, but in many countries like Bali, Vietnam etc women worked and went about their daily lives while topless. They even got married while topless.

The abalone and pearl divers of Japan, many of whom were women, also dove topless. Same for the seaweed collectors.

Much of the pacific islands women were topless and they all swam nude. Tribes of south America where either all topless or totally nude at all times. Same for the many African nations and tribal peoples.

So when we say old world charm, we are not referring to the restricted victorian era. We are referring to the fantastic state of nudism (or just everyday life back then), that many people enjoyed in the very recent past.

In a way, this series with Gwendalynne shows just how the victorian era could have looked like, without the prudish attitude. Imagine what the world would be like today as a result.

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