Feel The Beauty Through Your Eyes

Channeling the spirit of a fox, Gwendalynne becomes a beautiful wild animal, nude in a forest, warily going down to a stream for a drink and wash. An artistic nude series that explores the beauty of nature.

Some people still don’t understand the basic premise that our nude forms is what we are normally, what we are naturally. That being in our most basic state without items created by society and industry, is not disgusting. I personally hate that term “disgusting” when used with nudity. How is that even possible?

Taking a shit on someone’s table is disgusting. Spitting in someone's face is disgusting. Not wearing clothes is just another normal state of being. It isn’t and cannot be disgusting. Looking at this beautiful scene with Gwendalynne's nude form, the word disgusting is the last thing that comes to mind. Stunning, beautiful, breathtaking all come to mind but not disgusting.

Our very essence of humanity, our nudity is not disgusting. Nature is not disgusting. The idiots that state a nude person as disgusting wouldn’t say that about trees or a fox in the forest as disgusting. All they are doing is expressing their discrimination, their prejudice, against nudity and nudism. They have no rational or valid argument. Just what they believe or more correctly, what they have been taught to say and react to seeing nude people.

Gwendalynne is amazing as a Fox in the forest. She is so beautiful that you can feel the beauty through your eyes. There is nothing disgusting about that.

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