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Whatever Makes You Happy.

What makes you happy? Does it harm anyone else? If not then shouldn’t you be able to do that anywhere anytime? Freya like many people around the world, just loves being nude. So why can’t she and so many others go nude anywhere?

If the weather is warm and there is no danger from machinery in say a workplace, then going nude should be a real option for anyone that wants to do it. We can legally smoke, drink, and do risky sports, that can actually harm and kills us, or others, but to take off your clothes is just as illegal in many places as smoking weed.

Why are some dangerous activities legal, but totally harmless ones like nudity are illegal? Here is Freya totally nude in a public place and not one person was harmed or injured by her nudity in any way. Not one. So if it makes people happy, just look at the joy on Freya’s face, at the freedom of being nude. Why deny her or anyone, that happiness? We think it is time to make clothing truly optional everywhere.

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