Appreciation of Beauty.

We all love beauty and all things beautiful. That is why the beauty industry is a $160billion a year business. The average woman will spend about $225,000 over a lifetime on beauty products and treatments. Yet it is such taboo to look at a beautiful nude woman like Freya, especially in public or even in most workplaces. There was a time when workshops and lunchroom walls had entire walls covered in photos and posters of beautiful nude women, like shrines to Dibella (people who played Skyrim will get it). The point is open admiration of any woman is seen as sexist and demeaning. There is a difference between harassment and admiration, of abuse and homage. So it was deemed by a committee (had to have been a committee), to officially condemn it all.

Now that all men have been turned into metrosexuals we are reading that women want stronger men, who will admire them once more? hmmm. There is of course a difference between being creepy or just finding someone beautiful and appreciating that. That is what this is about. Just being able to once again, as a full blooded male, to be able to appreciate a beautiful (in this case nude) woman, and not be branded a fiend or pervert for doing so.

Most women want to look beautiful and feel attractive. Even tribal people who are completely nude, will adorn themselves with body paint or feathers or something similar to make themselves more beautiful. We all want to be admired to some extent. It is human nature. We love it when we are praised and adored. Yet take of your clothes and suddenly it is a bad thing. Why is ok while clothed (approved clothes only thank you), but not nude.

Beauty is very much a subjective thing. Everything is up for grabs in the beauty department. Size, curves, hair or lack there off. Everything has its admirers and detractors. It is all a matter of personal taste. One thing that remains a constant is everyone appreciates beauty. The beauty of a fog filled valley, to the bloom of a rose, the last rays of the sun as it sets and the amazing curves of a beautiful nude woman. yet it is the last one that we are not allowed to openly admire, lest we are seen as perverts or potential rapists. How idiotic is that. Just because you admire something or someone beautiful does not mean you intend harm. Infact the opposite is usually true.

Well here is Freya nude and most definitely beautiful. Freya really doesn’t mind if you admire her beautiful nude form. Nude-Muse is the place where you can openly enjoy beauty of the nude.

What do you find beautiful in a woman? let us know in the comments.

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