Nude is the community standard.

We just love looking at the nude human body. We all do. otherwise you wouldn’t be here. We find it beautiful and fascinating. It is who we are. Freya loves being nude. Ever since she was introduced to it by a friend she is always finding reasons to be nude.

Freya isn’t a social nudist in the scenes of going to a club and mixing with like minded people. She is a home or free range nudist, like most people are in the 21st century. In the age of digital electronics, they stay in touch with their nude friends and colleagues through social network sites like Facebook, instagram, tumblr, twitter and vimeo, just to name a few. However some of the biggest sites don’t allow nudity. Why? Because they say they want to protect the children. When sites like facebook and instagram say "we don't want children to see nudity", what they really mean is they don't want THEIR children to see nudity. They totally forget that nudist families and open minded families are fine with their children seeing artistic nudity and non-sexual nudity based around their lifestyle. It is time for Instagram/Facebook, to stop being a pseudo parent, and allow the actual parents to decide what their children can and cannot watch. To actually do real parenting and talk to their children and discuss what nudity and nudism is actually about in a sensible and factual manner. Instead of trying to cover it all up and pretending that it doesn’t exist. They will find out, and without proper guidance, will get the wrong idea.

The nude human body is beautiful and amazing to see and appreciate, including Freya’s stunning physique. Humanity has enjoyed looking at beautiful women like Freya, portrayed in art for centuries. It is inspiring and beautiful. It makes people happy and gives them something to look forward to each day. Nudity has not killed or harmed anyone since nude art was first scrawled on a cave wall. It is time for certain people in the world to catch up with reality and stop trying to hide something so beautiful under fabric all the time.

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