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Better Red

Red is the colour of love. It is also the colour to make you hungry. You will love Eowyn’s nude return and hunger for more

When Eowyn got in contact with us after a long break, we thought it would be good to catch up. We normally are not a fan of heavily tattooed models, mainly because most tattoos end up looking like graffiti on a wall. However the tattoos on Eowyn don’t look like that. Her tattoos are like they are a part of her. Almost like she was born with them.

There are several cultures that tattoo themselves as part of a rite of passage. A sign that they have entered adulthood. In a way it symbolizes Eowyn's situation too.

Regardless of your own love or hatred of tattoos, Eowyn is a stunning and talented woman, who has grown into herself and knows the art of nudes far better than she ever has. A beauty that will stay in your mind long after any visual reminders disappear.

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