Day At The Beach

A beautiful sunny day makes the perfect time to go down to the beach and have some fun totally nude. This is what Cosmic-River and Scarlett-Morgan did.

We have said it before and we will say it again, that going nude on the beach has to be the most normal and natural place to actually be nude. That applies to any beach. ANY beach. It makes no sense that some beach are for nudes only, while most other beaches you must wear clothing. All beaches should have the option for some level of nudity.

If you have never gone nude on a beach before, then try it out. Seriously go try it out somewhere. You will immediately feel the difference and why so many people that have gone nude at a beach and had a swim, prefer to swim nude.

The first thing you will notice is that you don’t have cold wet clammy fabric sticking to your skin. You have absolute freedom of movement and the feeling of any breeze going over every part of your skin, or the water on every part of your body as you swim. That feeling of absolute freedom and unrestricted movement is priceless.

So it is no wonder why Cosmic-River and Scarlett-Morgan had so much fun sunbathing chatting and swimming while completely nude. A wonderful day at the beach is best done nude.

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