Shameful Treatment Of Nudists

In this day and age where people’s identities are sanctified, where diversity, and equality is seen as one of the most important things we as a society can achieve, for some reason nudity and nudists are once again forgotten. Cosmic-River’s unclothed form is still censored, still punished and eradicated on all social media platforms, where on those same platforms, all other forms of diversity is “protected”.

Why is nudism still not classed in the same way as any other form of minority groups? Why are nudists still persecuted, even by these now protected minority groups? Why?

Gay people where classed as deviants and perverts in the past. They were thrown in jail or fined for their way of life. For being the way they were born. They are now protected by law from discrimination. Yet nudists are still persecuted, even under law, the same way that gay people where in the past. How can society let this happen?

It makes no sense. In a world where we are told that we must treat everyone equally, that equality is one of the highest goals we can attain, yet nudism and nudists are left out of this picture. It is open season on persecuting and prosecuting anyone practicing “the way they were born,'' openly as nudists.

If Cosmic-River where to walk down the street unclothed, all it would take is one person to complain that “they don’t want to see that” (the same way people complained about openly gay people in the past), and she could be arrested. It is not right. It is shameful that in a world of “equality” nudists are still targeted for the way they are born. Utterly shameful that this has gone on this long.

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