It’s interesting how our eyes are drawn to curves. Beautiful flowing curves. Whether it is the curve of a rock or curve of Cosmic-River’s hip, both are beautiful in our eyes.

Both are sculpted from nature. One is the sculpting by genes over millions of years, the other is wind and water erosion over the same time frame. Two very different processes, yet both beautiful in the end result.

Combining both into a single image and you get Cosmic-River, as if she has been sculpted by the very earth itself. In a way she has been.

Edit: as an addition to this, Cosmic-River is a very confident young woman when it comes to nudity. She is very comfortable being totally nude. However there are situations where even she becomes uncomfortable. During this photo shoot, there was a guy that kept lurking around trying to get a look at Cosmic-River while she was posing. This made her feel uncomfortable. Someone who is usually very easy going and has been nude in front of strangers before, and has no issues being nude normally, felt uncomfortable due to a creeper. Now imagine if a woman who has never been nude before, wanted to give nudism a try and encountered a lurker/creeper. Can you see why there are so few women nudist, especially on public/nudist beaches? Please be respectful of nude people and stop lurking/creeping around. They know you are there and it is of putting to most.

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