Luxurious Bath

Some people pay a lot of money to have a bath filled with essential oils and other goodies. Some people pay a lot of money to go to a day spa for a luxurious experience. Cosmic-River gets it all for free and can go completely nude in this unique nature’s bath.

An entire lake of essential oils, pristine white sand, luxurious soft clear water, and surrounded by beautiful plants and wildlife. Then going nude and just simply soaking up the water, the atmosphere without a care in the world.

Normally places like this are owned by the super wealthy who hoard it just for themselves. However this places is open to anyone at all, as it is a protected park. Although it isn’t officially a nude place, anytime we have gone there, nudity has been tolerated by others. Some have even took off their tops or gone full monty as well.

It is interesting to note, that many times in places similar to this, whenever there have been people there. Whenever one of our Nude Muses has gone totally nude, that some people also follow suit and go nude or at least partially nude. It seems like people just need permission to do so and they will. Cosmic-River like many others wouldn’t say no to a dip in Nature’s bath au natural.

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