Real or Fake?

With all the fake imagery we have surrounding us, it is refreshing to see the pure natural beauty of Cosmic-River.

We are exposed to more and more fake images. Even live streamed ones, as special filters are applied on the go. They can fake reality into whatever the streamer wants. Same for recorded video. Same for still images. Quite often what you see isn't real.

Take a look at most advertisements, or movies or TV shows. Even the news. Unless they want you to see someone wrinkles they will almost always have a special filter added to get rid of them.

Brand new tech can now make totally fake people in images from bits and pieces of real ones, then animate them and synthesise a voice that is so real you would have no idea that it was fake. That is the world we live in.

Here however is Cosmic-River. Real life flesh and blood in all her natural unedited beauty. This is how she looks in real life if you ever met her. This is what a real human looks like, not a digital amalgamation.

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