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Cosmic-River explores her dark side with this low key art nude series. Her nude body is transformed yet again merely by changing the light. New muscles, new bones, new curves are all revealed in a stark yet wonderful way.

There is something deeply moving when seeing a beautiful nude woman make art like that which Cosmic-River does here. It is something that everyone can appreciate their own way. You don’t need to be a male, to see this. I have heard other women say how beautiful the models are on our site. This goes beyond any political or sexual view.

Of course there will be some that see it politically or sexually. That is on them. The photo are just a recording of what transpired and what was there. How a person interprets this is based on an individual's brain and what that person has experienced during their life up to that point. It does not make the subject of the photo bad or good. It just is.

Two very different people may have two very different opinions and thoughts on Cosmic-River’s nudity. One might see misogyny at play, while another a wonderful art piece. However there is a third element to this. Cosmic-River herself. How does she view herself? How does she see herself in these images? Does she feel weak, under control, forced? Or does she feel happy, comfortable, empowered? That may also play an important part in how people perceive the images.

Art can mean many things to many people, but the nude human body is flesh inhabited by self. Cosmic-River explores her dark side, but only in the sense of lighting, not mood. A lovely thought provoking artwork.

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