The Natural Way

Its summer and Cosmic-River lives near the sea. So going for a nude swim at the beach on a hot day is inevitable.

Why nude? Why not wear swimwear? The answer is simple. Setting aside any legal reasons, the only reason anyone would wear swimwear is modesty. That is it. Swimwear is uncomfortable, it clings to your body when wet and feels clammy. Sand gets stuck in the bottoms and rubs/chafes the most sensitive parts of the body. All that moist parts where air circulation isn’t available around the genitals, promotes fungal growth and infection. Swimwear is just a bad idea.

Swimming nude on the other hand not only feels great with water flow over the entire body, it drip drys rapidly, air circulates around the genital area, keeping it fresh and healthy. No chafing. Sun can reach all the body helping to kill bacteria with its cleansing UV. It's how we were meant to be.

So Cosmic-River has the right idea when visiting her local beach. She just takes everything off and enjoys her beach time the way nature intended. Totally nude.

Still photos by Scarlett-Morgan (who was also nude on the beach)

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