Approval Not Needed

If you have issue with nudity, then look away. No need to complain, get upset or waste the authorities time. Just look away. The rest of us Here is Coco who is very comfortable and in her own nudity and has no issues with anyone else's.

People who say that disapprove of nudity state that they don’t wish to see nude people . They don’t want to see their bits. There are many things in life we don’t like. There are many things we disapprove of.

So what do you do in those situations? Do you call the police every time you see something you don’t like? From bad fashion, tattoos, opposing political views….we could keep listing things for a very very long time… what point do you just go, it's not worth it. Maybe I should just ignore it and move on. Maybe I should let them live their life and I live mine?

Because that is the one true sensible way to deal with nudity, if it is something you disapprove of. Just look away. Look away like you do with other things you don’t like, because there are people who do like nudity. Not just looking at others nudity, but being nude themselves. Just look away. You don’t need to or should have the right to, stop the enjoyment that people get from nudity.

If you don’t like or disapprove of Coco’s nudity, then look away, and let those that do approve to get on with their life.

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