What Makes A Nude Beach?

I don’t know what the fuss is all about when it comes to nude beaches. Every beach is a nude beach, as soon as you take your clothes off. That is what Celeste did. The beach she went on became a nude beach as soon as she got, well, nude.

So there is no need to try and get councils and local government to legalise your favourite beach as a nude one. They are all nude beaches potentially. Many are used as a nude beach anyway, without local government approval. People just want to enjoy the beach nude, and what better place to be nude and swim nude, than a beach? Just make them all legal for nude bathing. People will do it anyway.

If there ever was a place where nudity could be accepted, it is the beach. Most people are almost nude anyway. Lots of swimwear is practically see through when wet, so why all this ridiculous pretense? Anyone who has ever swum and basked in the sun nude, will tell you there is no better feeling, nothing more liberating and wonderful than doing it nude. Swimming nude is possible the most natural thing you can do. Why trudge into the ocean fully clothed and have some stupid fabric cling to your body and or flap dripping wet in the breeze. Then leaving dumb tan marks that can look very silly indeed.

The wowsers will say “I don’t want a guys bits wobbling in my face”, as if a big belly wobbling in their face, or a pair of male speedos, with a bulge in their face is somehow ok. Get over it prudes. We are doing everything you do, just nude. Nothing weird, just swimming and getting a tan, just like you. Instead of complaining, just join in. You might actually like it, just as Celeste and many other nudists did, you will never want to put your clothes back on again.

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