What Is Art?

Celeste is a nudist. Like most nudists she likes going to the beach and going to nude places like resorts and spas. Celeste also likes going nude in public places. She feels that nudity is normal and is just another valid clothing choice. We agree with her on that point.

As human beings we are born nude. We are always totally nude under our clothes. Our nudity cannot be denied. Even the most fervently against any form of nudity is nude under their clothes. whether they like it or not. As such nudity should not been seen as unusual or shameful or weird. It truly is in fact the most normal activity anyone can do.

Celeste knows this and says that if we can be nude at home, and it is accepted that some people do this as normal practice, then being nude anywhere else is just as normal. Celeste you can dress anyway you want as far as we are concerned. We think that most of our readers wouldn’t complain one bit if they saw you walking down the street nude.

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