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Nude Sirens

Two beautiful sirens luring sailors to their deaths on the rocks by the sea. At least that is the mythological story. Real life sirens Castelle and Holly-Rose might not lure sailors to their deaths, but they will definitely mesmerise and put you in a trance with their stunning beauty

We started the photo shoot in bikinis as this was quite a public area. Both models are beautiful in their swimwear, however we all agreed that going nude was the best option. As you can see their natural swimwear, the one they are born with is the one that fits and looks best.

Judging by the reaction and smiles of all who walked by, everyone agreed that it was a good choice. Once again nobody was harmed, hurt or “embarrassed” by the site of two beautiful models posing nude on some rocks by the sea. Nudity is normal and natural. Both Castelle and Holly-Rose will both do it all again.

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