Ever thought about renovating a house or apartment? Ever thought about doing it nude? As long as you have the right safety equipment, why not? Castelle visits an apartment being renovated and gave a worker a surprise when she got undressed and started posing nude. He didn’t mind though. He just continued to work. As did Castelle

Although this is more about aesthetics and is inspired by a fashion style of posing and photography, we think it suits the nudity even better. Castelle brings her amazing modeling talent as she goes from girl next door to nude fashion model. About the worker. Although we surprised him by our presence once we explained what we were doing he was totally fine with us continuing. We noticed that when we spoke to anyone we came across during our nude photo shoots, that every person to date, has given their “blessing” so to speak, for us to continue. Even though each model is fully nude, everyone has been fine with that. Which makes us wonder, that maybe more people are truly ok with nudity than they would normally publicly admit.

We are publicly admitting that nudity is fine and we encourage more people to try it out. Castelle just loves being nude whenever she can. I am sure this is one renovation the worker won't forget.

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