A Snapshot Of Summer

Fresh green leafy trees heavy with fresh fruit giving cool shade in the summer heat. This paints the picture of summer in many people’s minds. Castelle is takes full advantage of both as she plunders this mulberry tree, completely nude

Like tiny bird, this petite nude nymph dashes from one mulberry to the next, squealing with excitement, and ahhs in pleasure as each delectable morsel of fruit touches her taste buds. Sweet and juicy the vanquished fruits dribbles down her hands and stains her lips. Her nude form never stops moving as it stretches to the highest branches she can reach, ducking low branches to find more sweet morsels hanging from each branch.

Although it is hot, hot enough to be totally nude, the shade of the tree keeps Castelle comfortable, the fresh air of all those leaves heightened the sense. A cool breeze caresses her nude form, soft grass massages her bare feet. What better way to spend a few hours like Castelle, than be totally nude under a mulberry tree.

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keira autumn branches

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