Laundry Day

Laundry day for many people means washing all their clothes. Yet for nudists like Castelle, it is a quick easy process as the only things she needs to wash is her linen.

It is a long running joke that nudists don’t need to pack for a holiday, or that they don’t need to do laundry. However this is actually also mostly true. The nudists that live in favourable climates never wear clothes and thus never have to do any laundry at all. Most nudists do have to wear some clothing from time to time, but it is quite rare. There their laundry day is just a quick light load of washing and it is all over with quickly.

For those environmentally conscious, will know that this is good for the environment. Less water is used, less detergents going into drains, less material being used for clothing.

While Castelle hangs out the washing, while nude of course, she gets a lovely breeze and a bit of a tan at the same time. Being a nudist is a major win :)

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