How To Dress When Nude

Some women shy away from nudity and nude beaches because they feel they can’t “dress up” or feel lady like when completely nude. Castelle shows just how it can be done and how elegant you can look even when totally nude on a beach.

Get a lace umbrella to keep the harsh sun of your face, a pair of lace gloves, fashionable high heels (not as hard to walk in the sand as you might think, when you get the technique right) and maybe a necklace. Of course you can mix and match to your hearts content, and all of the above are optional. So if high heels are not your thing on a beach (as it would be for most), then bare foot with the rest will still work. Heck just the umbrella is enough.

This is just one example. Castelle loves being nude and she is nude whenever she gets the chance, however sometimes, she wants to dress up just a tiny bit. What young lady doesn’t at some point. So here is proof that you can dress up and still be totally nude.

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