Comfortable In Her Skin

A contrast of Black and white, clothed and nude, Castelle shows the power of contrast and the ability of opposites to work together in harmony.

Castelle puts everything out there and hides nothing. Her confidence to do that is more powerful than words. People can complain about life, complain about what another person looks like, but means nothing at the end of the day. It si just a whine, a winge a moan. Action. Positive, powerful affirmative action is what Castelle is about. That alone is a beautiful thing.

Castelle is comfortable in her skin. Comfortable with every part of her body. Comfortable with her decisions. That is the sign of someone in control, decisive, empowered. Castelle is not a victim, as doesn't play the blame game. Here is Castelle, nude, powerful and creative and totally nude with nothing to hide. That is one of the most beautiful gifts anyone can have.

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