Beauty A Crime?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise at the amazing beauty Castelle excudes with her artistic performance. She is a stunning woman who has the skills and flexibility to bend her body into some of the most visually appealing shapes and forms.

A true performance artist. A nude performance artist. There is a taboo for some reason that any nude performance is seen as seedy or naughty or rude. There is nothing naughty or bad in what we see Castelle do. In fact it is utterly breathtaking. A visual splendour.

These days just being beautiful is seen as a social crime. That looking after yourself and looking good is hateful to someone who doesn’t look after themselves or look as good. That somehow the hard work and dedication put into having a fit and healthy body is hateful to someone that doesn’t.

What is even worse, is anyone that dares to look at someone beautiful and appreciating them for their looks. Yes there is much more to everyone than just mere looks, but why can’t we sometimes just appreciate their look and admire their beauty?

Sure we shouldn’t ogle them in public or make crass remarks on the street, but there should be nothing wrong with a smile, or an appreciative glance, or simply a nice compliment that they look beautiful and then carry on with life.

These days people are too scared to say what they think. Thought crime has snuck in under the radar and we now feel that we can’t speak up. Of course there is a difference between being rude and respectful. So in the comments, your very welcome to tell Castelle how beautiful you think she looks. Let's make appreciating beauty a thing once again. Be as creative as you can. What would you say to her if you met her in person?

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