Take The Nude Plunge

So you are lucky enough to have a pool in your own backyard. Do you put on swimwear or swim nude? Castelle always chooses the nude option. Any sensible person would.

It been proven to be more hygienic, comfortable, and fun way to swim. It is your yard, your pool so stop worrying what others might think. Maybe they think that they would also love to swim nude in a pool. Maybe just ask them over instead of covering up.

After you had a swim you can just lay by the pool in the sun and get an all over vitamin D tanning session as well. Then just slide back into the pool when you get too hot.

No need to wait till your swimwear drys, because your nude body dries quicker than any fabric ever could. Castelle loves swimming in her pool and doing so nude is the only way she will ever do so.

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