Offended By Art

Cultural appropriation as they would like you to believe is the taking over of a smaller culture and assuming it as your own. Art doesn’t do that. These photos of Castelle don’t do that. It does however enhance the beauty and majesty of and keeps alive any current cultures or the ones in the past.

Latin would be a dead, long forgotten language, had we not started giving things like plants and rocks, latin names to describe them. Anyone that has ever played Fallout 4 will know “Ad Victorium”. Which could be labeled as “cultural appropriation” by social justice warriors.

The British empire was the largest empire in the world. They occupied every nation in the entire world with the exception of just 22. That is over 190 nations. The sun literally didn’t set on the British empire. There have been many empires before them and they all came and went. Much was achieved by force. However what we do today is very different than from the past. Does the past have its dark chapters? Yes it does. Does that make every living person today responsible for what happened in the past? The simple answer is no. Should we now stop using anything what was gained by the past conquerors? What about scientific ideas? Art? Music?

When you eat a taco, an avocado, mangos, corn and so much more, they all where food only found in places that were inhabited by smaller cultures, tribes and villages. They all could be considered “cultural appropriation”. Maybe we should all stop eating those things and only eat that which is from our place of origin. That obviously would make no sense at all.

My ancestry is Hungarian. It is a very small nation of just 10 million people in total. It has a rich heritage and culture all its own. It is very unique and nothing quite like it anywhere in Europe or the world. The language alone is said to be nothing like any other language in the world. That is why it is so hard for many people to learn. There is nothing even similar to it. They have unique music, and food. I would not be insulted or upset of a non hungarian person opened up a hungarian restaurant. I would not be upset if they used hungarian music in a top 10 song. I would not be upset if a non-hungarian person spoke hungarian. In fact it was cool hearing an Asian man speak the language years ago.

It would in fact be good because it would keep the hungarian culture alive. That in my opinion is a very good thing.

Social Justice warriors simply don’t think deeply about the things they do and say. Or the full impact and consequences of their own actions. No wonder why they are fast becoming a joke world wide, as their ideas are constantly being shot down in flames. We had our original business Facebook page shut down when SJW’s were first gaining momentum, because they said our photos with Scarlett-Morgan with the headdress was cultural appropriation. Despite us explaining to said Ms SJW (yes it was a women and 100% of all complaint we receive are from women) that it wasn’t appropriating any culture. That she referred to them as American indians was already a big mistake. People of the tribal nations prefer to be called by the tribal nation name. Such as the Sioux, as one example. We also explained that not all tribal nations used headdresses. That those head dresses were in fact only used by the plains people and no other. The feathers used and colours were in no way similar to any headress used by those tribes.

Despite us explaining that and giving other examples such as St.Patrick's day being “cultural appropriation” of an Irish celebration and so many other examples, she went ahead and complained to Facebook that we were promoting “hate speech”. Yes our page which was all about body positive image, about promoting the beauty of the human body, using positive language at all times, that we're in the same league as a neo-nazi groups spouting hate and anger. That is the type of people we are dealing with, and that is the type of company Facebook is when they listen and act upon the whims of people who are both wrong and mentally unstable. A company that doesn't fact check why people complain or flag things.

So here we are again with Castelle. This could be seen as a Fuck you to Facebook and SJW’s. It however isn’t. It is a story we had to talk about. We don’t often talk about many things. We don’t talk about the hardships we face as a business everyday. The attacks we receive, the vindictive people who try to shut down our website and business. The people that sabotage our social media every chance they get. The low levels they will go to, to get what they want for some petty reason. Maybe it makes them feel powerful briefly, yet they achieved nothing, as the world continues on despite their petty tantrums. It is a story that must be told otherwise they could do the same thing to other businesses, to other artists, musicians, and any creative just starting out. Maybe Facebook can take note and see they made a huge error, though we doubt that will ever happen. Not as long as it is filled with idiots using groups as echo chambers of their own lunacy.

Castelle wanted to do this set of photos for a long time, but every photographer she asked, was too afraid to shoot it. We of course said yes without hesitation.

The way we wear our hair, tattoos, fabric in our clothes, music, food, jokes, architecture, how we build things and so much more, all came from many different cultures. Many from much smaller or even now dead cultures. Without the sharing of ideas and culture we would still be stagnating in our caves afraid of the dark and thunder.

What these SJW need to understand, is that there is a massive difference between making fun of a culture and actually celebrating it through, art, music or food. It isn’t assuming it as our own, but sharing the wonder that those cultures created. Without the re-working of the past, the past would remain dead, and many beautiful things would be long forgotten. That would be bad indeed and that is what we need to avoid. Art keeps cultures alive.

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