Only One Swimsuit Worth Wearing

We decided to go to a hotel’s swimming pool for this photo shoot, so Castelle wore her new swimsuit. There were several guys already there doing some laps. Since we knew this was going to be a nude photo shoot, we decided to move to the quiet side of the pool area.

Guys being guys, it didn’t take long for our lap swimming quintet to figure out that a beautiful model was there doing a photo shoot. All of a sudden the swimming of laps turned into doing very short laps confined to the end with Castelle. The idea behind this photo shoot was originally to show that the best swimsuit is actually the one we are born with.

So when it came time for Castelle to take of her artificial swimsuit and wear her natural one (go nude), we asked the guys in the pool if they were okay with that. The show of thumbs up, nodding and smiling was our answer.

The moment Castelle, started to remove her top there was a quiet murmur of awe, and the guys suddenly lost all interest in swimming laps, and decided to go into the spa directly behind us. As Castelle got undressed and posed nude for the camera, each pose, each movement, each beautiful moment, was replied by oohs, and aahs of appreciation behind us. Many times Castelle, started to laugh at their enthusiasm and appreciation.

Clearly the best swimsuit is the one we are born with. Castelle, stayed nude and swam a couple of laps herself. It is far more comfortable and enjoyable to swim nude than with clothes. Even the guys started to take theirs off as we left the pool area. Nudism really is that easy.

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