Fun On A Couch

A couch is a humble piece of furniture. Yet it is one has played a very important part in our daily life. Castelle shows the fun side of a couch.

The humble couch seats 2-3 people, but it does much more than that. You can lay on it in the afternoon to have a nap. It is a haven when you have an argument with your significant other. A place to sleep for drunk party guests. It is a place to sit and watch a movie on a cold rainy day. It is place to eat ice cream and cry when you break up, it is place to jump on and laugh, have pillow fights. A place to play games, a place to make love.

So you see the couch is a very important piece of furniture that plays an important role in some of our most significant moments in our lives. Here is Castelle on a couch nude, having fun and being recorded for history.

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